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Zebra Print Shoe Options For Men and Women

Zebra printed shoes are a stylish and strong fashion statement and this article will give you an overview of some common zebra print shoe options. There are some tips on where to buy them, how much they cost, and different styles depending on your particular needs.

Zebra Print Converse

This option is great for men or women. Converse the popular and historical shoe maker has a line of shoes that are designed with zebra stripes on them. They come in a variety of sizes and are unisex meaning they can be worn by men or women. This particular shoe is a more casual type shoe to be worn with jeans or slacks. Converse shoes more or less resemble regular tennis shoes thought they are not really the best for exercise or running. A pair of zebra print converse retail for about 30 to 40 dollars.

Zebra Print Vans

Vans is another popular manufacturer of shoes for teens and young adults. These shoes are a bit thicker than the traditional canvas converse shoes. The brand was first made popular by skate boarders and now is a popular pop culture trend. Vans, like converse shoes, are not suitable for exercise or running activities but may be a bit more comfortable than their converse counterparts. Vans also has a variety of shoe styles besides the traditional tennis shoe in zebra print such as boots, sandals, high heels and other evening shoes, and much more. The basic shoes can retail for 40 to 60 dollars and varying other styles go for the same prices up to 100 dollars or more.

In addition there are literally hundreds of styles of zebra themed and printed foot wear options available in styles from flip-flops, to wedges, pumps and tennis shoes. Regardless of what type of shoe you are looking for, zebra prints so popular that they are everywhere. Check out the web to make your search easier and get a feel for what is being offered this season. Both companies mentioned above maintain websites with full catalogs of all their offerings, and a huge array of designers now include zebra printed themed shoes in their lines every season.