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Toywatch Watch: The Hottest Trend This Season

Watches are not just timepieces that tell time; they have nowadays become the most sought after accessories in everyday life of people. In this modern fashionable world, people are buying watches more for sake of fashion rather than keeping track of the time. Watches are used mostly to flaunt the social status and fashion taste of the wearer before families, friends and social gatherings. The watch designers are very much aware of the increasing demand of these stylish wristwatches and thus you will find the market flooded with Toywatch watches.

Toywatch is an international brand. The wristwatches of this brand are sold in about hundreds of countries all over the world. Marco Mavilla, an Italian watch collector, formed this brand in the year 2005. Mavilla wanted to use unique watch face designs from Daytona and Submariner model's of popular Swiss watch brand and include them in a fun watch with a lower price tag. He used plastic materials rather than using precious metals and created a wide range of watches. In the year 2006, Mavilla showed his watches in Italy at a trade fair. There he met Randy Gordon, an American watch enthusiast. Gordon was very much impressed with these watches and thus he agreed to distribute and retail the watch brand immediately in US. The wristwatch did a good marketing in US and now it is available in about several countries all through the world.

Fashion trends come and go. The hottest trend in wristwatches this season is the Toywatch watches. They are available in very bright colours, unique design pattern and style. From school going teenagers to office going men and women, colourful watches look great on anyone who can carry himself/herself well. These watches come up in almost all shades of rainbow. Do you want to match your wristwatch with your outfit? What colour outfit do you want to wear? You are sure to find a matching wristwatch colour that will go best with your outfit.

These watches have a funky look and it is this look that makes it attractive. They are not so pricey. They are in fact said to have a luxury look at a relatively low cost in comparison to the others that have real jewels and costly price tags. The thing that makes these watches appealing is its design, which includes the bezel edges with a much-sophisticated look. Lightweight and waterproof, these watches are not bothersome or bulky and are very easy to wear.

Toywatch watches are available in the online stores. They are mainly sold in the high-end online stores. If you think they are going to cost you a lot, you are totally wrong! These online stores sell these watches at a very reasonable price. Have you ever thought of gifting your near and dear one with these watches? They make a wonder gift item. If you know anyone who loves collecting watches, gift him/her with one such watch. The individual will really cherish your gift for lifetime.