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Keep Your Little Girl Wrapped Up Warm This Winter

The market is flooded with cute and warm girls clothing. Because there are so many things to choose from it is going to be hard not to purchase too many warm clothes for her. With that in mind, we would like to encourage you to think of your winter baby clothing shopping in levels: the thin layer, the warmer layer, the cozy layer, and the accessories.

The thin layer needs to be a knit long sleeved shirt such as a waffle knit shirt or a simple soft long sleeved shirt. Make sure that it is one that is a classic colour like a pink, white, brown or black so that you can add fun elements as you get to some of the upper layers.

The next layer, the warmer layer, is going to be a fun sweater or a thicker button up shirt. These look great when they have a fun design or a bold stripe. This will steer you away from doing lots of different coloured, boring layers and will avoid the marshmallow look.

The cozy layer is her coat. Little girls have an assortment of jackets to choose from which makes shopping for this layer so much fun. For the fashion conscious girl, choose a corduroy belted coat or a bright pea coat. If your little one is more into comfort, then look for one of the bright puffer jackets that are all over stores this season. Be sure to pick a jacket that has a fun colour but one that is not loaded with design because this makes it hard to coordinate it with your lower levels of clothing.

The accessories are by far the most exciting part of warmer winter clothing. This is where you can show her personality with a fun animal hat or a more sophisticated page boy hat. Be sure to add some polka dotted or striped mittens and a fluffy colorful scarf. These elements are important because they are the final pop to her precious winter wear. It really looks good if you choose a design that will play off of the sweater that you chose for her warmer layer.

Do not forget to keep her tootsies warm with some warm socks and boots that she can tuck into her jeans or pants. You can add a final touch of personality to your daughter's look by choosing printed socks that will peek over her boots.

If you get tired of the look as the season rolls on, you can mix it up by changing up your accessories for a fresh, new look. Once you have decked her out in her winter look, you will have a hard time peeling back the layers as the day goes on because she is going to be the picture of style.