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Fendi Mini Leather Shoulder Bag

Easy come easy go might be the best interpretation of fashion. That means it costs to catch the hottest trend when invest in hot-buys. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on popular bags that end in becoming trash, why not find a go-anywhere-bag that will never go out of style? As my wardrobe is jammed with once-chic-but-now-out-of-style bags, I begin to have this idea in my mind seriously. Here's what we get-Fendi Mini Leather Shoulder Bag.

To be honest, it's neither a combination of chic elements, nor an eye-catching extra to your ensemble. But it will not do any wrong for anyone, no matter city girls or downtown darlings. That's why it is rated as one of top 10 handbags. With luxurious, logo-embossed leather design with an allover logo pattern complimented by glittering chain-link shoulder strap, two entirely different style including sporty and femininity come to match each other in an unexpected harmonious way. More surprisingly, this top It bag has a rare-big size tassel linked to its zipper, which adds to another Bohemian style. The mix is absolutely an evolution though I do not really appreciate it.

Fendi Mini Leather Shoulder Bags are provided with two colors, black and red. Black is classic and red bright. Since this bag is special for its fully functional side, investing in a black one might be more advisable. But again, this top 10 bag is by no means a chic must-have. If you are a fashion follower, go and get something else.