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Converse Shoes - Perfecting the Few Rather Than Producing the Ma

Different manufacturing companies have different ideas on how to make money with their business. Shoe manufacturing companies are no different than any other company. Each manufacturer has his or her own ideas on what is the best way to increase their company's business.

Some shoe manufacturers will produce every different type and style of shoe imaginable with the thought in mind that they can please everyone. Other manufacturers will produce a few extremely high quality shoes that they sell for an outlandish price, while still others will manufacture only one or two types of shoes for certain niches in order to keep their quality high, their overhead low and their prices affordable.

Marguis Mill Converse may not have intended to become the type of shoe manufacturing company that perfected a few styles of shoes at affordable prices when he first started out making those rubber soled winter boots when he was in his late 30's but, that is exactly the type of manufacturer he was to become.

However, his shoes were not to be those winter boots he started out manufacturing but rather a variety of tennis and casual canvas shoes and men's work boots. By manufacturing to this niche he carved a name for himself and his company in perhaps the largest type of shoe ever manufactured or sold. The tennis shoe or 'sneaker'.

By focusing on the quality of construction and by getting endorsements from professional basketball players his shoe company soared to the top of the charts and became known as the quality tennis shoe that sold at a reasonable price. Unlike many tennis shoe manufacturers who sell brand name basketball shoes and 'sneakers' for 200.00 pounds and up a pair, Marguis Converse kept his shoes at a price that the common people could afford. This placed the Converse shoe company on the map not only in the United States where the company originated but, around the world particularly in Europe where these sturdy constructed shoes could be had for a fraction of the cost of other sports hero endorsed shoes.

And although this company makes 'sneakers' for women and children as well as men, it is men who have been their biggest endorsers and their largest customers so it was only natural that this company also design and create work boots for men as well as the tennis shoes that have become so popular.

While you are not going to find Converse shoes making many dress shoes for either men or women in the near future, when it comes to purchasing a quality tennis shoe or work boot at more than reasonable price you will not be able to do much better than choosing from the range of tennis shoes offered by this company. This is a company that has put its heart and soul into the perfecting of a small range of footwear rather than choosing to offer more choices at the sacrifice of quality or reasonable prices.