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Choosing a Wedding Photography Package

A lot of wedding photographers are just waiting for couples to approach them and have them as their official wedding photographer. Their website usually shows off their portfolio and enables you to contact them.

There are different services and products included in a wedding photography package. Every photographers will have a different style as well in the way he or she takes pictures. You will probably think of the budget first when selecting your photographer.

What do the packages usually include?

Some only offer photo coverage of the wedding and the reception. This usually results in an album of images from your wedding day.

Some clients are also given the raw unedited shots of their wedding on a CD. You then have the opportunity to edit and print the pictures you like which are not in the photo album.

A pre-nuptial or engagement photo shoot can also be included. This shoot usually happens weeks or months before the wedding, depending on how soon you booked the photographer.

You can use these photos in your invitations or in your save the date video. Having this first experience with your photographer will make it easier on the wedding day.

Some photographers prefer to take those photos at the wedding location or at the reception venue just so they can get a feel of how the light will be. The familiarity with the photographer will make it easier later.

An additional service can be a photo slide show to be shown at the reception. The photographer makes a slide show of the digital pictures taken at the ceremony to provide entertainment at the reception and let the bride and groom see what it looked like from another perspective.

Not all photographers offer all services. So you will have to shop around well in advance to see what is possible and at what price.

It is important that you choose a wedding photographer that you feel comfortable working with and who can provide you with quality pictures so you will have great souvenirs to cherish forever.