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Beach Galore - Checklist of Beach Trip Musts!

The summer is here. And one of the things up the task list is beach visit for sure. Cool sand, warm sea water, sea shells in our feet, moisture laden breeze and loads of fun. It is time we pack our bags to the sea shore with essentials like beach scarves, shades, slippers and sarongs. But what to pack in your bags, is what we will talk about further. A detailed checklist of things you need to put together in your beach trip packing.

Skirt Wraps & Beach Shorts

If you are traveling to a beach to get the sun tan look this summer, do not forget to keep sexy skirt wraps and beach shorts,. Get two three varying lengths and cool colors like blue, green, white and yellow. Darker colors are a strict NO. Keep away from them.

Slip-On Footwear

Casual slippers define the mood for a beach. Do not wear floaters' for mankind sake! A beach means colorful rubber slippers for men and women both. No shoes, no sandals, no stilettos, unless you plan to hit the dance floor in some high profile discotheque. If chilling is the idea, get as cool and casual as possible.

Sarong Scarves

Versatile beach scarves or sarongs add a touch of glamor to the boring of the boring swim wears. Get not just for yourself and your partner, but also for your kids. Looks cool and cute with babies, and hot and colorful for adults.


Tribal sets for men and gemstone look for women. Gemstones are too precious too be worn on a beach,so get a look alike instead. A beaded green single string necklace as emerald look alike, blue silver pendant for topaz blue look and a peach- pink shade for watermelon tourmaline. Bracelets for men and anklets for women look cool too. Get what you love.


Among the miscellaneous stuff for your trip, do not forget your sunscreens with high SPF, huge sunglasses, big hats, tote handbags and waterproof pouches for electronic devices. Hope the checklist is helpful to those who have a beach trip in the planning. Relax, chill, unwind and come back rejuvenated!